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    Let Christian Scientists minister to the sick; the schoolroom is the dernier ressort. Let them seek the lost sheep 6who, having strayed from the true fold, have lost their great Shepherd and yearn to find living pastures and rest beside still waters. These long for the Christlike9ness that is above the present status of religion and beyond the walks of common life, quite on the verge of heaven. Without the cross and healing, Christianity has 12no central emblem, no history.

    The seeds of Truth fall by the wayside, on artless listeners. They fall on stony ground and shallow soil. 15The fowls of the air pick them up. Much of what has been sown has withered away, but what remaineth has fallen into the good and honest hearts and is bearing 18fruit.

    The third stage of mental growth is manifested in love, the greatest of all stages and states of being; love that 21is irrespective of self, rank, or following. For some time it has been clear to my thought that those students of Christian Science whose Christian characters and lives 24recommend them, should receive full fellowship from us, no matter who has taught them. If they have been taught wrongly, they are not morally responsible for this, and 27need special help. They are as lambs that have sought the true fold and the great Shepherd, and strayed innocently; hence we should be ready and glad to help them 30and point the way.

    Divine Love is the substance of Christian Science, the basis of its demonstration, yea, its foundation and super358358:1structure. Love impels good works. Love is greatly needed, and must be had to mark the way in divine 3Science.

    The student who heals by teaching and teaches by healing, will graduate under divine honors, which are 6the only appropriate seals for Christian Science. State honors perish, and their gain is loss to the Christian Scientist. They include for him at present naught but 9tardy justice, hounded footsteps, false laurels. God alone is his help, his shield and great reward. He that seeketh aught besides God, loseth in Life, Truth, and 12Love. All men shall be satisfied when they “awake in His likeness,” and they never should be until then. Human pride is human weakness. Self-knowledge, humility, 15and love are divine strength. Christ’s vestures are put on only when mortals are “washed in the blood of the Lamb;” we must walk in the way which Jesus marked 18out, if we would reach the heaven-crowned summit of Christian Science.

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