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15    Insomnia compels mortals to learn that neither oblivion nor dreams can recuperate the life of man, whose Life is God, for God neither slumbers nor sleeps. The 18loss of gustatory enjoyment and the ills of indigestion tend to rebuke appetite and destroy the peace of a false sense. False pleasure will be, is, chastened; it has no 21right to be at peace. To suffer for having “other gods before me,” is divinely wise. Evil passions die in their own flames, but are punished before extinguished. Peace 24has no foothold on the false basis that evil should be concealed and that life and happiness should still attend it. Joy is self-sustained; goodness and blessedness are 27one: suffering is self-inflicted, and good is the master of evil.

    To this scientific logic and the logic of events, egotism 30and false charity say, “‘Not so, Lord;’ it is wise to cover iniquity and punish it not, then shall mortals have peace.” Divine Love, as unconscious as incapable of 210 210:1error, pursues the evil that hideth itself, strips off its disguises, and — behold the result: evil, uncovered, is 3self-destroyed.

    Christian Science never healed a patient without proving with mathematical certainty that error, when found 6out, is two-thirds destroyed, and the remaining third kills itself. Do men whine over a nest of serpents, and post around it placards warning people not to stir up 9these reptiles because they have stings? Christ said, “They shall take up serpents;” and, “Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” The wisdom 12of a serpent is to hide itself. The wisdom of God, as revealed in Christian Science, brings the serpent out of its hole, handles it, and takes away its sting. Good deeds 15are harmless. He who has faith in woman’s special adaptability to lead on Christian Science, will not be shocked when she puts her foot on the head of the serpent, as it 18biteth at the heel.

    Intemperance begets a belief of disordered brains, membranes, stomach, and nerves; and this belief serves 21to uncover and kill this lurking serpent, intemperance, that hides itself under the false pretense of human need, innocent enjoyment, and a medical prescription. The 24belief in venereal diseases tears the black mask from the shameless brow of licentiousness, torments its victim, and thus may save him from his destroyer.

27    Charity has the courage of conviction; it may suffer long, but has neither the cowardice nor the foolhardiness to cover iniquity. Charity is Love; and Love opens 30the eyes of the blind, rebukes error, and casts it out. Charity never flees before error, lest it should suffer from an encounter. Love your enemies, or you will not 211 211:1lose them; and if you love them, you will help to reform them.

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