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30    The limited view of God’s ideas arose from the testimony of the senses. Science affords the evidence that God is the Father of man, of all that is real and eternal. This spir165165:1itual idea that the personal Jesus demonstrated, casting out evils and healing, more than eighteen centuries ago, 3disappeared by degrees; both because of the ascension of Jesus, in which it was seen that he had grown beyond the human sense of him, and because of the corruption of 6the Church.

    The last appearing of Truth will be a wholly spiritual idea of God and of man, without the fetters of the flesh, or 9corporeality. This infinite idea of infinity will be, is, as eternal as its divine Principle. The daystar of this appearing is the light of Christian Science — the Science which 12rends the veil of the flesh from top to bottom. The light of this revelation leaves nothing that is material; neither darkness, doubt, disease, nor death. The material cor15poreality disappears; and individual spirituality, perfect and eternal, appears — never to disappear.

    The truth uttered and lived by Jesus, who passed on 18and left to mortals the rich legacy of what he said and did, makes his followers the heirs to his example; but they can neither appreciate nor appropriate his treasures 21of Truth and Love, until lifted to these by their own growth and experiences. His goodness and grace purchased the means of mortals’ redemption from sin; but, 24they never paid the price of sin. This cost, none but the sinner can pay; and accordingly as this account is settled with divine Love, is the sinner ready to avail himself of 27the rich blessings flowing from the teaching, example, and suffering of our Master.

    The secret stores of wisdom must be discovered, their 30treasures reproduced and given to the world, before man can truthfully conclude that he has been found in the order, mode, and virgin origin of man according to divine 166 166:1Science, which alone demonstrates the divine Principle and spiritual idea of being.

3    The monument whose finger points upward, commemorates the earthly life of a martyr; but this is not all of the philanthropist, hero, and Christian. The Truth he 6has taught and spoken lives, and moves in our midst a divine afflatus. Thus it is that the ideal Christ — or impersonal infancy, manhood, and womanhood of Truth 9and Love — is still with us.

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