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Affectionately yours in Christ,
Mary Baker Eddy
152:1To First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Denver

3    Beloved Pastor and Brethren: — “As in water face answereth to face,” and in love continents clasp hands, so the oneness of God includes also His presence with those 6whose hearts unite in the purposes of goodness. Of this we may be sure: that thoughts winged with peace and love breathe a silent benediction over all the earth, co9operate with the divine power, and brood unconsciously o’er the work of His hand.

    I, as a corporeal person, am not in your midst: I, as a 12dictator, arbiter, or ruler, am not present; but I, as a mother whose heart pulsates with every throb of theirs for the welfare of her children, am present, and rejoice 15with them that rejoice.

    May meekness, mercy, and love dwell forever in the hearts of those who worship in this tabernacle: then 18will they receive the heritage that God has prepared for His people, — made ready for the pure in affection, the meek in spirit, the worshipper in truth, the follower of 21good.

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