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3    The time it takes yearly to prepare for this national convention is worse than wasted, if it causes thought to wander in the wilderness or ways of the world. The de6tail of conforming to society, in any way, costs you what it would to give time and attention to hygiene in your ministry and healing.

9    For students to work together is not always to cooperate, but sometimes to coelbow! Each student should seek alone the guidance of our common Father — even 12the divine Principle which he claims to demonstrate, —  and especially should he prove his faith by works, ethically, physically, and spiritually. Remember that the 15first and last lesson of Christian Science is love, perfect love, and love made perfect through the cross.

    I once thought that in unity was human strength; but 18have grown to know that human strength is weakness, —  that unity is divine might, giving to human power, peace.

    My counsel is applicable to the state of general growth 21in the members of the National Christian Scientist Association, but it is not so adapted to the members of students’ organizations. And wherefore? Because the 24growth of these at first is more gradual; but whenever they are equal to the march triumphant, God will give to all His soldiers of the cross the proper command, and 27under the banner of His love, and with the “still, small voice” for the music of our march, we all shall take step and march on in spiritual organization.

Your loving teacher,
Mary Baker G. Eddy
Concord, N. H., May 23, 1890

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